Hi,  my name is Kyle von Hoetzendorff. I named this website after myself. Am I courting hubris? Probably but all the self-help books promote the idea that you are your own best advocate. As an introvert masquerading as an extrovert this is my attempt at self-promotion.

What you'll find here are links to selected works and an up-to-date compendium of the things I think you should see. Concerns? Thirsts? Copacetic Tendencies? Shoot me a note >>> vonzen(at)gmail.com


2018 -Present


Freelance Video Editor, DIT, Creative Copy Writer and Producer.

Writer, Editor, Producer, Project Manager, Creative for Yonder Projects. 

Dead Reckoning - A two year long project that used adventure by bicycle as the platform by which to explore, champion, denounce, critique, and lampoon the existential question.

Project Y - A full length documentary film project that asks the question "Why in a world rife with convenience do people put themselves into extremely difficult and challenging physical situations?" 

Manual for Speed - A gonzo journalism approach to the sport of Professional Road Cycling.

Videos -  A series of short clips and v-logs that I shot and edited for Yonder Journal. 

2015 - Zero

I grew up in "The Mule Capital of the World" Bishop, California and was privy to all its offerings; a high school rodeo team, jagged mountains, the Turner Broadcast Network, and a Taco Bell.

Post high school I would find myself on the California coast attending college in Santa Barbara. The first couple of years were spent studying video production while simultaneously surveying a wide selection of lower division courses before moving on to UCSB where I studied philosophy. In my last year of study I discovered UCSB's College of Creative Studies and in turn the wonderful world of fiction.

In my post-collegiate career I would find work as a forest service fire fighter, bicycle mechanic and cellular phone infrastructure developer before moving to Portland, OR in 2005. Since then I've worked in bike shops, managed communications for a niche manufacturing company, and most recently pulled a three year stint as co-pilot for Yonder Projects (see above). Additionally I spent a year as a editorial intern for Tin House, played in bands, wrote comedy, and helped to start a non-profit called Know Your City.

Recently I've turned my attention to producing and editing video while continuing to blow hours of my time writing and thinking about writing.